About Us

Our Vision:

NAS-Phoenix will embrace student diversity; develop the skills students need to make responsible choices; teach the 21st century skills students need to succeed academically, personally, and professionally; empower students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to transfer academic knowledge to the real world; and provide English language competency to assure student success.

Our Mission:

The mission of The New America School-Phoenix is to empower new immigrants, English language learners, and academically underserved students with the educational tools and support they need to maximize their potential, succeed and live the American dream.

Guiding Beliefs:

The New America School- Phoenix believes educational opportunity is a cornerstone of American life and that English language skills are an essential component. NAS was created to support traditionally under-served students who might face obstacles to academic success. 

  • We believe all students are responsible for the choices they make, and we will help our students develop skills to make responsible choices
  • We believe in students’ individuality and celebrate the diversity they bring to our school
  • We believe all students can learn to respect one another and themselves and transfer this respect to their personal and professional lives.
  • We believe that students should understand the practical purposes of what they are learning, and understand how to apply their knowledge and skills throughout their lives

NAS-Phoenix is a tuition free public charter high school, where students are enrolled on a first come, first served, basis.  Our unique learning community inspires and empowers students to succeed in learning and in life through:

  • Rigorous and relevant curriculum
  • Caring teachers and staff
  • College classes
  • Strong community partnerships

The Arizona State Board for Charter Schools awarded New America School-Phoenix its charter in December 2015.  Our school will be located  in the heart of Phoenix at 3024 East Fillmore Street and will open its doors to high school students in August 2016.


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